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Roti or rice which is better for bodybuilding and weight loss. Both are the source of carbohydrates. 99.9% of people use white rice. Some people know the importance of brown rice. Brown rice is most beneficial for good health. Roti is a source of complex carbohydrates since roti is whole wheat. On the other hand, rice is a source of simple carbs. White rice is refined rice. They are obtained as a result of processed brown rice. White rice does not have complex carbohydrates they are the simple form of carbohydrates.

Now, what are complex and simple carbohydrates?

  • Complex carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are slow digesting carbohydrates. They do not affect insulin which causes no chances of diabetes, cholesterol, weight gain (in term of fat).

  • Simple carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates do not have fiber. High consumption can cause many side effects i.e. it digests very quickly and raise your blood sugar level, blood pressure, cholesterol, and hypertension. White sugar which we usually use at home and other packed sodas all are forms of simple sugar.

Complex carbohydrates sustain your energy level for the whole day. On the other hand for simple carbohydrates, your energy level raises to peak and then suddenly crash down. It won’t stay for long which is not good for you.

Roti is a form of complex carbohydrates. Roti has protein, vitamins, and minerals. It has fiber which is important for digestion and absorption. White rice does not have fiber which results in speedy digestion which is not good. If you have to choose between roti and white rice you should pick roti and if you have to make a choice between brown rice and roti you should go with brown rice since it has complex carbohydrates as well. In some places, there is an adulteration of white flour in wheat flour. You have to take care of it when you purchase it from the market.

1 roti has 22g carbs and ½ cup of rice have 22g carbs as well. So it does not make any difference in nutrition in term of carbohydrates macros. But roti has many micronutrients like omega 3 and fibers. White rice does not have such things. You can eat white rice once a week after one hour break of doing workout so you can replenish your depleted carbohydrate. If you are eating white rice and not doing any activity, it’s not healthy

If you are gaining muscles you can take 40-50g carbs per meal so do not use more than 2 roties in a meal. In fat loss use 1 roti in a meal since fat loss means you have to reduce carb level and roti is a source of carbohydrates. Mass building means you have to raise your carb level so you can take 2 roties per meal. You have to take proteins, healthy fats, vitamin and minerals to balance it, either for weight loss or mass building.


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