What is the Perfect Age to Start Workout?


The workout is important for physical fitness and good health. It reduces the risk of heart diseases, cancer, high blood pressure, and other diseases. It can enhance your appearance and defer the maturing procedure.

Now, the question is at what age should we start to work out?

There are many types of workout. If we talk about pull-ups, push-ups, running, squatting, body weight kind of workout, you can start these kinda exercises at the age of 13-14. If we discuss body building kinda workout in which we do weight training, dumbbell, and free weights. You have to be cautious in doing that since your body parts and height grows in your puberty (teenage). Your height and body parts grow till 21. You can do sports kind of workout. If you are an athlete, cricketer, footballer or a part of any other game, you can start working out at the age of 13 because children under 14 0r 15 which are a part of sports do the workout like body weight, flexibility, stretching, jogging, running, pull-ups, push-ups.

Workout for bodybuilding depends on your situation at that time. If you notice that your body is not growing in term of body parts is spite of the fact that you know your body parts develop around then, you need to avoid potential risk.

On condition that one’s height has already reached to 6 feet, or is near to 5.9 or 5.11 you can start exercise. If you have the genetics of being short you need not do that kind of exercises that can compress your spine.

You can start doing exercise i.e. heavy lifts, heavy presses, exercise for biceps and triceps at the age of 15 or 16 without any problem.

There is a myth that exercises affect your height. Arnold Schwarzenegger started working out when he was 14 or 15 and he was mister Olympia in the teenager.

So, you can start bodyweight workout at your 13 and bodybuilding workout at 15 but you need to be cautious in doing shoulder presses and squats because it can compress your spine. It will make you more flexible with age as you have started working out before time.


Do not use supplements before 18. When you have grown strong foundations, you are familiar with the exercise and nutrition, only then you can add those supplements.


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