How to Improve your memory and make your Brain Healthy Through Nutrition


Feeble memory can be very disappointing in regular day to day existence. Although the brain is an organ yet it’s the most powerful muscle in the human body. The brain contains almost 60% fat, like our body, consists of 70% water. Here we are talking about healthy fats (lipids) monounsaturated, polyunsaturated fats.

When we talk about brain fat it means omega 3, omega 6 which are very important for our body.

People take their protein and carbohydrates during workout however, can’t supply nutrient to the brain which causes a delay in memory which is not something worth being thankful for understudies. An exceptionally basic issue among students is that they are unable to recollect the material they’ve learned for exams. This happens because of the inadequacy of nutrients in the brain.

It is necessary to do brain exercises to make it healthy. Today we do most of our work through technologies in our hands i.e. calculators, smartphones and computers etc. which weakens our cells because we aren’t practicing the way we should. So brain exercise is very important. You can play chess for this purpose. It will make your memory cells work properly. Your memory power slows down with age. So, brain exercises will definitely help in that case. You can do juggling and learn different languages to make your brain do something challenging. You should do these brain exercises more often.

Physical exercise is very important to boost up your brain. Since stress catches up your brain it may be because of studies, relationship issues or some financial problems. Physical exercise helps to lower your stress level.


The brain is the most dangerous organ, which craves sugar all the time. When you eat sugary things your brain loves it since your body suffers. When you take sugar it stores in your cells in a form of fat. But, when your brain consumes sugar it doesn’t store in your cells which damages your neuron. You are feeding sugar to your brain which makes your body suffer. So, if you want to boost up your memory you have to cut down artificial sugar. If you control these bad foods you can be creative like Steve jobs and all those big names you know. And if you do not take control of the food you are eating you have to face a lot of health issues etc.

Foods for memory

  1. Seeds

Seeds like chia seeds and flaxseeds are high in omega 3, fibers and are anti-oxidant. Plant-based foods are good enough for your brain-boosting power. You do not need to add animal-based food. Omega 3 and 6 all are present in plant-based food. You can take 2 spoons= 30grams a day.

  1. Nuts

Nuts like almond and walnuts have lots of fiber which your body can easily absorb. It doesn’t have sugar so your brain do not crave. Your brain basically needs omegas which we are providing through nuts and seeds. You can take 1 serving of 28grams a day. It’s more effective to take it before sleep. It will help to calm down your brain. Nuts are high in vitamin E and have soluble fiber. It protects you from cancer and makes your heart healthy.

  1. Spinach

Free radicals damage your DNA and grow cancer cells and tumor in your body. Spinach protects you from this kind of problems since it damages free radicals present in your body. It is also anti-inflammatory. You can take one cup of spinach in a raw form. You may add carrots, tomatoes and cucumber in it. Many nutrients present in spinach destroys due to overcooking but you can boil it. It’s good to eat it in raw form.

You can also add grains, beans, quinoa, oats, and broccoli.

If you want to add oil you can add coconut oil in your diet or avocado oil if possible. You can take 1 spoon of coconut oil a day.


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