How to improve Eye Sight through Nutrition


In the present era, numerous young people are facing a vision problem and they are using lenses or spectacles. The reason for that plenty of nutrients are missing in their diet and they make much use of TV, mobile, laptop or reading moreover not relaxing the eyes. You are using your body part an abundance but not providing complete nutrient to it. Then definitely it will cause the deficiency of your vision. Some people are facing farsightedness or some facing nearsightedness. To overcome that problem what nutrition is essential to you?

All of us can easily recognize if we are facing eyesight problem however you can also self-diagnose it. Catch sight of your near subjects like phone screen or anything else for 5 seconds then observe 25 to 40 feet a long way subject and record you see that subject clear or cloudy. If it seems cloudy it means you are undersupplied of required nutrients in your diet and you can have vision complications in coming years.

By the way, eyesight also depends upon age and this is natural phenomena, it is difficult to overcome. Despite that, if you are young and you are facing that problem then this is a time to fix it.

Well for eyesight most common nutrients are vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and omega 3 but there is two most essential nutrient which is not present in the majority of human being’s lifestyle because of this they are facing weakness of eyesight day by day, month by month or year by year.


If you are feeling opaque view this is owing to the fact that deficiency of these two nutrients. These nutrients can also oblige to prevent from ultraviolet rays. These nutrients are also helpful to increase the visibly in dull light.

So, from which food you can have these nutrients?

You need to intake green vegetables. We need lutein 10 mg per day and zeaxanthin 2 mg per day.

  • Spinach

Spinach contains round about 20 mg lutein and zeaxanthin.

  • Kale

Kale contains round about 25 mg lutein and zeaxanthin.

  • Broccoli

Broccoli contains round about 2-3 mg lutein and zeaxanthin.

You can add corn, Turnip, grapes, seeds like almonds etc. Intake of vitamin C and vitamin E are also essential to absorb these two nutrients. You can have these vitamins from oranges, bell pepper, papaya, carrots. If you have these two or three type of vegetables and fruits in your diet on a daily bases or weekly bases you will see improvement in your vision week by week.

If you are facing red-eye problem or feeling pain in your eye then this is a different condition and you have to consult an eye specialist. In spite of your vision changing slowly, you know that your eyesight was a good couple of year back but now your vision is getting low and you are using lenses or spectacles then you have to overcome the deficiency of these nutrients.


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