How to fix Poor Digestion


Digestion is the core factor to improve one’s health and maintain fitness whether you are working out or not, a good digestive system is essential for every human being. There are two sorts of complications either you are using washroom 3-4 times a day or more means diarrhea, or constipation problem, not make use of restroom for 2 or 3 days. During fitness training or bodybuilding, one take 6-7 big meals per day to gain their mass and muscle size despite that they are not digesting food properly, utilize washroom repeatedly and body is not furnished with nutrition properly as well as feeling weakness. So, this article covers how to fix the poor digestion and one will not strain with diarrhea or constipation.

Bacterial Imbalance

The gut of the human body contains bacteria and bacterial imbalance occurs in the body’s intestinal tract. There are two types of intestine

  • Small Intestine
  • Large Intestine
  • Small Intestine

Small Intestine delivers food to the blood vessel and then this food yield to the different organs and muscle depends on what category of food is that, amino acid, fatty acid, glucose etc.

  • Large Intestine

Contains the waste product. If food is not properly digested and not break into small intestine then frequent food goes for the waste.

There is two sorts of bacteria in the stomach or intestine. Good Bacteria and Bad Bacteria. Percentage of good bacteria is 85% and bad bacteria is 15%. Good bacteria help to digest and absorb properly especially break starchy food, sugar, and fiber. But in present lifestyle people intake is extremely unhealthy they have severe use of smoke, alcohol, high sugar diet, fatty food and food with no nutrition value these type of food and create toxin in human body and tear down good bacteria and enhance the amount of bad bacteria and if there is no good bacteria in your stomach, you will face the problem of poor digestion and you have frequent trip to washroom.

What food is needed to add good bacteria in your stomach?

  1. Yogurt (probiotic food)
  2. Kefir

Enzyme Deficiency

The enzyme helps to break down your food. Carbohydrate break into glucose, protein break into amino acid and fats break into fatty acid. If your food is a deficit of enzyme then you are putting pressure on your pancreas to break down your food and pancreas become overloaded due to which your food will not digest properly.

Enzyme-rich food

  1. Raw Vegetables like tomato, cucumber, cabbage, onion, carrot etc.
  2. Papaya contains pepsin enzyme.
  3. Pineapple

Now people who have a problem of constipation they are the deficit of fiber and not creating ball movement in the body.

Proper ball movement of the digestive system is after food consumption it will digest properly and break into the small intestine then supply to bloodstream, nutrients absorb and utilize properly and at the end of 12-24 hours by completing this ball movement your waste move to the large intestine.

One of the most important things is you have to chew your food properly and eat slowly. Chewing your food is actually pre-digestion which is very necessary otherwise it will create the pressure to your stomach.


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