Eat Fats to Burn Fats | Why Fats are Essential


Fat is an essential nutrient. Your body doesn’t produce fat by itself. You have to eat fats to burn fats. Here we are talking about the fat nutrient. Fat is a healthy nutrient which is important for your brain and heart. There is a term EFAessential fatty acids. Essential means must have. Nutrients which your body doesn’t produce by itself, you have to get these nutrients through food. So, eat good fat to burn bad fat.

Example of good fat

  • Fish oil
  • Almonds
  • Peanuts
  • Cashews
  • Peanut butter
  • Olive oil

These are the 6 important fat nutrients. All have the healthy source of fat.

Fat has omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 monounsaturated fat or polyunsaturated fat. These are healthy fats for your heart and brain.

As you know your brain has 60% fat. People who have a weak brain and weak memory and are unable to remember properly it happens because of lack of the good source of food.

Olive oil is the best oil in the world.

Peanut butter or almond butter is the best source of fat monounsaturated fat. It should be natural.

Nuts including walnuts have a lot of omega 3 which is good for your heart. Make sure that you are using raw nuts.

People who do not eat fish can take supplements.

You need 20% fat intake a day. FDA –food and drug association recommendation is 20%. So, it’s obvious you shouldn’t take all 20% daily intake from the nuts. Your fat should come from different sources.

It can be like this:

The olive oil then, two servings of nuts. 1 serving fish/ fish oil.

Fat has lots of calories. So, if you overeat facts, your caloric intake would be double. Chances of weight gain are high.


Do not consume oil, more than 1 spoon.

Peanut butter shouldn’t be more than 2 spoons.

Nuts should be handful.

Now the question is how to use fat in the whole day?

Peanut butter should be on your breakfast 1-2 spoons.  If you are not eating whole eggs than you will take definitely 2 spoons. If you are eating whole egg then 1 spoons. Do not exceed more than 2 whole eggs a day, egg whites as much as you can.

now, in the snack, you have to pick only 1 nut a day.

Dinner, if you eat fish then you do not need a supplement. If you are not eating fish then you need fish oil. Fish has omega 3 and is good for your heart and the good source of cholesterol which reduces your bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol. People who have high bad cholesterol, they have the heart problem. This is because they don’t have this food in their diet. They have bad oil, dairy products, butter, whole meat, clarified butter (ghee) and many other things.

Good fat means good cholesterol and bad fat means bad cholesterol. Almonds have a lot of fibers and proteins and it has magnesium which helps to calm your brain down so you can relax and sleep well.

If you are vegetarian, then you can get flax seed oil instead of fish oil.


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