How to Boost Testosterone Naturally or through Nutrition


Testosterone is a male hormone that is critical to increment sexual power as well as help you in building muscles and losing that additional fat.  It is the number one male hormone.

The normal production of testosterone in a day is 7mg and 50mg in a week which is a very good production. If the production declines then, you are having low testosterone.

Side effects of low Testosterone

  • Low testosterone can thin out your hair and cause hair fall as well.
  • It affects your sexual performance.
  • You will start gaining weight.
  • It also increases your stress level.

So, you have to keep up the level of testosterone in your body. Here, is the solution to boost up your testosterone naturally.

Ways to increase testosterone level naturally

  1. Workout

A workout is important for that purpose. Legs exercise is very important to boost up your testosterone level. When you do leg exercises i.e. leg presses, squats, lunges etc. your body release testosterone naturally. Many people do not do legs exercises. As a result your body won’t have the capacity to release testosterone which would not be compelling for your body.

  1. Reduce stress

You have to diminish the stress level since it brings down the testosterone level which makes hormonal problems in your body.

  1. Proper rest

You need to take legitimate rest of 7-8 hours. Many people couldn’t take appropriate rest which troubles the hormones in your body since your hormonal level increases during your sleep. Your body produces testosterone while you are sleeping. Your body could not produce enough testosterone if you will not take the best possible rest of 7-8 hours.

  1. Nutrition

  • You have to add saturated fat in your diet. Despite the fact that it is bad fat. But, you can take 15% of saturated fat. Because it supports your testosterone level. You can use whole meat or whole chicken once a week.
  • Add cheese in your diet. You need to consume cheeses one to two times a week.
  • Add whole egg in your diet as well. As you know you cannot consume the whole egg every day because of saturated fat. You can eat 2-3 whole eggs in a week to boost up testosterone.
  • Add broccoli and cauliflower in your diet

Follow the ways mentioned and it will definitely help to increase testosterone level naturally. People who use synthetic hormones are just shutting down the production of their natural hormone. Do not use drugs without consulting your doctor.


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