Benefits of Lemon Water | Why it is Important?


Lemon water detox your body and skin. Everybody had lemon water. Many people still drinking it. People used to add a lot of sugar and salt in it. But, we are not talking about that lemon water. We are talking about plain water and lemon. It will be your first drink in the morning.

Why lemon water is important to drink? Why should you detox your body?

In our daily life, a considerable measure of toxins go into our body through pollution, fried food, alcohol, dust, smoke, and makeup. In this way, we get too much toxin every day. So, the first thing we should do in the morning is to detox our body. When you wake up in the morning after brushing your teeth, take 1 cup or glass of water with half lemon. You can either squeeze the lemon or make slices and add them. Thus, you detox the body, your body flushes the toxins.

First of all, if your lemon is organic. A lot of people grow lemons at home. Those lemons are organic. They are not sprayed or anything. If you are purchasing it from the market, then you know it can be non-organic. Since there are pesticide sprayed lemons available in the market. You know everything is under pesticide spray which is not good for our body. Organic things don’t need pesticide spray.

So, if the lemon is non-organic you first have to wash it properly before using it. As you know pesticide doesn’t go away with a wash but, the top head of the lemon which is attached to the plant holds most of the pesticides. So, you have to chop it first. Always remove the head of fruits and vegetables etc. Since it contains most of the pesticides.

How to make lemon water

Take 1 glass or cup of warm not hot water. Now, you have two options. You can either squeeze two spoons of lemon juice or you can make small slices of half of the lemon and put them in the glass of water. Leave it for 2-3 minutes. So, the citrus acid which your body needs will mix in well.

This is the first thing you have to do in the not add anything else in it.

Do you know lemon has vitamin C which is very important to boost up your immune system and detoxify your body as well? It’s important to have vitamin C in your diet. If you are missing it then, lemon is the best food for you to get vitamin C.

People who have a sore throat, cough problem have the cold flue in this case you can add honey in your drink.

This should be your first drink every day in the morning. This is the simple trick which helps you to detox your body and you can use it easily.



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