Benefits of Broccoli | Best Vegetable


Broccoli is a palatable green plant in the cabbage family whose extensive blossoming head is eaten as a vegetable.  It is one of the most powerful vegetables since it contains vitamin A, C, and K.

Vitamin C

Helps to boost up your immune system.

Vitamin A

Vital for your visual perception.

Broccoli is a low-calorie vegetable. 1 cup of broccoli contains protein 5g carbs 4g and fibers 2g. It has many vitamins and minerals as well. When we mix broccoli with carbs and protein-rich food it helps in digestion and absorption. It contains all the nutrients which are necessary for the absorption of proteins and carbohydrates in your body. Bodybuilders or people who follow fitness lifestyle include broccoli in their meals for wellness way of life.

You cannot cook it like other vegetables. Even can either steam or boil it. You can also bake or pan fry broccoli for 3-5 mins. If you cook broccoli on the high temperature it will destroy the nutrients present in it.

Benefits of broccoli

  • It contains fiber which does not let your insulin spike.
  • Enrich with anti-oxidant which do not let you get ill.
  • It is anti-inflammatory as well. If you are injured or have any kind of inflammation in your body it will help to decrease the torment.
  • It also helps in detoxification. Junk food, smoke, pollution, bad oil make toxins in your body. It detoxifies the toxins present in your body.
  • It is anti-cancer as well. You can cure the cancer present in your body with the help of broccoli. Many people have bladder cancer, ovarian cancer etc. Green food including broccoli, spinach, green bell paper, green leaf etc helps to prevent cancer.
  • Many people use pre-workout supplements which contain caffeine. If there is caffeine present in your body it affects your sleep. Broccoli helps to flush caffeine out of your body. It helps to prevent all kind of medication like diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure problem etc.


You can take the 1-2 cup of broccoli a day.


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